Completed Projects

RSN Engineering and Construction (RSNECC) is a leading and Global EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company.

Project No Scope Of work Client
EU-160 Engineering Services For Fresh Firewater Storage Tank At Nao Tank Farm 
EU-159 Adequacy Checking Of Existing Heat Exchanger Supporting Structure & Its Foundation QAFCO
EU-154 Engineering Service Of Temporary Structural Steel For Rg Boiler QAFCO
EU-152 Engineering Services For Design Of Basket QG
EU-147 Epic Of Workshop Modification And Other Miscellaneous Works For Grp In Dukhan
EU-145 Engineering Services For Access Platform & Interconnecting Platform At Cdr QAFAC
EU-130 Design Of Vent Size (Gasoline)
EU-118 Design Verification Of Spreader Bar Design
EU-141 Epic For Portable Water Supply At Dukhan – Temporary Shoring Arrangement M/s QP
EU-138 Design Of Frac Tank M/s QCHEM
EU-137 Designing Of Foundation Drip Ring For Storage Tank Repair M/s QVC
EU-136 Design Of Temporary Supporting Structure For Heat Exchanger At Qafco M/s QAFCO
EU-134 Hydralic Analysis For Pipeline M/s QP
EU-124A Engineering Services For Installation Of Server Containers At Al-Jazeera Network - Varation M/s. QATAR SITE & POWER
EU-135 Engineering Services For Installation Of New Crane In The Existing Fabrication Shop M/s TRAGS
2863 Epic Of Hvac System In Polyethylene Mcc Building During 2017 Turnaround At Q Chem M/s QCHEM
EU-129 Epic Of Mechanical Pcr Gpo (M) /1 6 / 536 Interim Supply Of Lpg From Ngl To Qpr At Ngl Plants, Mesaieed M/s QP
EU-127 Engineering Services For Hazardous Material Storage Area M/s QAFAC
EU-124 Engineering Services For Installation Of Server Containers At Al‐Jazeera Network M/s. QATAR SITE & POWER
EU-121 Epic For Decommissioning And Removal Of 12"Mppl And 13 Kms Of 30"Gas Pipeline M/s. QP
EU-120 Npp 0050 ‐ Engineering Services For Stress Analysis And Hydralic Calculation For Land & Marine Fuel, Drain Water Lift Station System And Foul Water Collection System M/s. L&T
EU-119 Finite Element Analysis For Grp Cover For Tse Tank M/s. STATE OF QATAR
EU-115 Epic For Temporary Electrical Power Bridgeing In Qg1-Civil Works M/s. QG
EU-114 Design & Engineering Services For Various Civil Works At Flow Assurance Expansion Project M/s. RAS GAS
EU-109 Engineering Services For Installation Of Permanent Foot Bridges And Pedestrian Gates M/s. QG
EU-108 Engineering Services For Stress Analysis, Steady State And Surge Analysis M/s. L&T
EU-107 Engineering Services For Temporary Support For Barzan Pipe Line NEW PORT PROJECT
EU-106  Engineering Services For Design Of Spreader Bar  M/s. QCHEM
EU-105 Load Calculation For Temporary Structure In Replacement Of Super Heater -
EU-103 Epc For Flare Sampling Cabinets On Wet Gas, Dry Gas, Sour Gas And Spare Flare Gas Lines M/s. QG
EU-102 Calculation For Beam Moment Connection For Cable Tray Support M/s QATAR GAS
EU-101 Engineering Services For Heat Exchanger Support At Train 3 M/s QATAR GAS
EU-100 Engineering Services For Redundant Equipment Demolition Project M/s. QAPCO
EU-99 Engineering Design Verification For 400t Capacity Trussed Crane -
EU-98 Engineering Services For Fire Suppression Sprinkler System For Rlpc Warehouse M/s RAS LAFFAN POWER COMPANY
EU-97 Engineering Service For Stress Analysis For Plumping Systems M/s. STATE OF QATAR
EU-96 Epic For Installation Of Flammable And Toxic Gas Detectors At Rlc Buildings M/s. QATAR PETROLEUM
EU-94 Engineering Service For Stress Analysis For Land Fuel Systems M/s. STATE OF QATAR
EU-088 Qchem-Engineering Services For Structural Platform For Flow Totalizer
EU-086 Kahramaa-Mekaines Rps & Associated Pipelines Mto Preparation
EU-085 Engineering Services For Temporary Storage Tank For Crude Oil Sludge
EU-084 Epic Of Two Combined Projects In Qg2 (Project 2)
EU-083A Engineering Services For Hmc 306b Simulation Center Structure Steel Frame (Variation)
EU-083 Engineering Services For Hmc 306b Simulation Center Structure Steel Frame
EU-081 Engineering Services For Selection Of Spring Support
EU-079 Epic For Three Combined Projects In Laffan Refinery And Qg1 Asset
EU-078 Rlic Substation For Baker Huge Storage & Blending Facility
EU-077 Epic Of 12’ Jump Over For Jet A1 & 16” Jeta 1 Pipe Line From Qp To Hia
EU-076 Ecs For Detailed Design Engineering For Pcr- 397 Ngl-3 Plant
EU-075 Engineering Services For Replacenent Of Dolphin Hook
EU-074 Epc Service For Upgrading Fixed Elevated Firewater Monitors In Train 1/2/3
EU-073 Epic For Decommissioning And Removal Of 12inch Mppl And 13km Of 30inch Gas Pipeline ( Hazop And Hazid Study)
EU-072 Design Of Temporary Support Structure For Heat Exchanger
EU-069 Replacement Of Damaged Sea Water Lines Of Train 2 (Qg1)
EU-068A Epic For Relocation Of 48" Butterfly Valve In Sea Water Line And Facilitate Isolation(Variation1)
EU-068 Epic For Relocation Of 48" Butterfly Valve In Sea Water Line And Facilitate Isolation
EU-067 Replacement Of Pipe (Potable Water Line-Grp) With Ss At Rlpc
EU-065 Descon - Frack Tank Design Calculation
EU-063 Hazop Study For Fire Water Backup Supply @ Dolphin Energy
EU-062 Al Fowriya - Adequacy Check In Switch Room Floor Slab
EU-061 Descon - Replacement Of Caustic Settler
EU-059 Qg - Descon - New Dc Ups System
EU-058 Qg - Descon - Ten Combined Projects (4 Projects)
EU-057 Qg - Trags - Ten Combined Projects (5 Projects)
EU-055 Qp - Feed For New Csf Security Camera
EU-054 Epic To Provide Fire Water Pumps Tie-In With Tank 171-Tk-006 (Moc 603)
EU-053 Oryxgtl - Epic For Provision Of Drain In U30 Wax & Hc Condensate Reflux Lines (Moc-626) And U35 Dryer Regeneration Gas Recycle To Dryer Feed (Moc-1031)
EU-052 Qp - Lc14101600 - Epic Of 2” High Pressure Flare Pilot Line At Station A4, Ras Laffan
EU-051A Provision Of 33kv Cable Lay Down (Variation 1)
EU-051 Provision Of 33kv Cable Lay Down
EU-050 Qg - Six Combined Projects
EU-048 Two Combined Epc Projects ( Only Project -2 )
EU-046 Compliance With Qg Procedures For Sampling Of Well Head: Proper Sampling Point In (Qg 3&4 On Shore)
EU-044 Demolition Of Existing Piping And Design, Fabrication & Installation Of New Rtrp Piping
EU-043 Epic For Flare Monitoring & Recording System
EU-041 Design Of 06 N2 Cylinder Quad As Per Bs En 12079
EU-040 44" Sea Water Pipe Support
EU-039 Replacement Of Corroded Line In Bog (Q-Chem)
EU-038A Three Combined Projects And Hazop Studies
EU-037 Replace/Repair Defective Portion Of Exisitng Ss 32“ Pumps Barrels Of Dome Roof Lpg Tanks T1&T2 - Tank T2 Under Hold
EU-036 Structural & Piping Modification Works Of Water Line At Direct Reduction Plant No. 1
EU-035 Replacement Of Bottom Plate Of Stroage Tank
EU-034 16" Internal Piping
EU-033 Temporary Saddle Support
EU-031 Feed For Installation Of Fo Cable
EU-030 Reused Water Piping Stress Analysis
EU-029 Preparation Of Crane Lifting Drawings
EU-028 Firewater Ring System- Invoice Pending
EU-027 Design Of Foundation & Structural For 10 Tonn Eot Crane-Invoice Pending
EU-26A Waste Heat Boiler Replacement-(Variation 2)
EU-026 Waste Heat Boiler Replacement
EU-25A Provision of Nitrogen Line-(variation 2)
EU-025 Provision of Nitrogen Line
EU-024 Fire Water Pump Test Line Vibration
EU-023 Three Combined Offshore EPC Projects
EU-022 Backwash Water anks
EU-021 Rerating of Coolers
EU-020 Certification of Open Basket
EU-019 Five Combined Projects
EU-018 Replacement of Self Regulating Pressure Control Valve
EU-016 Six Combined Projects
EU-015 Dawing Preparation for Hose Replacement Pipe
EU-014 Al Balagh's New Shed on Street
EU-13A Early Tie-ins for Replacement of ONSAG Pipeline-(variation 2)
EU-013 Early Tie-ins for Replacement of ONSAG Pipeline
EU-12B Piping Vibration and Stress Mitigation-(variation 2)
EU-012A Piping Vibration and Stress Mitigation-(variation 1)
EU-012 Piping Vibration and Stress Mitigation
EU-011 Provision of Isolation Valve
EU-010 Installation of Check Valves
EU-009 Installatin of Compressed Air System
EU-008 Installation of ESD Push Button
EU-007 Designing of Steel Structures for Double Storey Drivers
EU-006A Replacement of Sea Water Fire Pumps and Refurbishment of Fire Fighting systems-(variation)
EU-006 Replacement of Sea Water Fire Pumps and Refurbishment of Fire Fighting systems
EU-005 Designing of Pipe Support Structure and Foundation design
EU-004 Designing of Tanks
EU-003 Upgradation of Air Compressor
EU-002 Modification of Transfer Conveyer Bridge
EU-001 Pipe Support Modification (2 nos)